Vacuum Forming

Rath offers a broad range of high-temperature insulating materials custom fabricated to the customer's specifications. Complex shapes can be vacuum-formed, CNC machined, or manufactured using a combination of both processes, depending upon the part tolerances, features, and quantities required. Complex, multi-piece assemblies are also possible using adhesive bonding. This allows Rath to provide rapid prototyping without expensive mold charges.

Rath is a world leader in large diameter vacuum-formed insulation cylinders for use up to 1800°C. Our vacuum-formed cylinders and boards are available with organic binder or pre-fired, organic-free. Special formulations are available for reducing atmospheres, molten metal contact, and other demanding applications.

Alumina Fiber Products

KVS 16, KVS 17, KVS 18, KVR Grades

  • Temperatures up to 1800°C
  • Densities available to 60 lbs/ft³
  • Low shot content for smooth machined surfaces

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Ceramic Fiber Products

KVS 12 and KVS 14 grades

  • 18 lbs/ft³ Standard density, others available upon request
  • Temperatures up to 1300°C