Thermal Analytical

Rath offers a broad line of insulating materials for heat containment for applications up to 1800°C in analytical and laboratory testing equipment. Whether you are insulating a thermo-mechanical instrument, a gas chromatograph oven, or a pyrolyzer unit for a gas analyzer, Rath can help you design the correct insulation package using either die stamped blankets, felts, paper, textiles, sewn kits, and CNC machined and shaped insulation.

Products and Services

Soft Die Stamped Insulation

Boards and Shape Insulation

Fabrication Services

TextilesWoven silica cloth

  • Woven alumino-boro-silicates
  • Sleeving
  • Tapes
  • Yarn

Design & Engineering Services

  • Heat Transfer calculations
  • Rapid CNC prototyping
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Auto CAD Drawings
  • Just-in-time inventory
  • Custom Packaging Shrink wrapping
  • Bar coding
  • Assemblies, Kits

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