Thermal Imaging & Heat Flow Analysis

Rath Incorporated offers Thermal Imaging Services to aid in determining the effectiveness of your furnace’s insulation, identifying temperature gradients in-shell temperatures, and detecting heat loss in your industrial kilns and furnaces. Using a Fluke TI -55 camera, we are able to detect radiation emitted from your equipment in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and electronically capture colorful images denoting the temperature profiles.

Our trained and certified thermography technicians can help you in identifying troubling hot spots, establish a base line heat profile, or do an in-depth heat survey to determine if your thermal insulation is providing uniform insulation or has cracks and is in a state of failure.

Our equipment is sensitive enough to:

  • Record equipment shell and process temperature between ambient and 2100°F to +/- 2°C.
  • Clearly detect and record hot spots, cold spots, non-performing heating elements, and perspective failure points.
  • Detect insulation cracks and eroded or wet insulation.
  • Identifying temperature variability within a process, furnace, or kiln.
  • Provide a visual image of how variable process temperatures may be affecting your product quality.
  • Be an engineering tool to establish a preventative maintenance program to maintain optimum insulation and element performance.
  • Perform cost-effective real-time, non-contact, non-destructive temperature analysis.

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