Technical Ceramics

Rath offers a broad line of refractory materials for ceramic firing and sintering processes up to 1800°C. Our refractories are designed to optimize resistance to thermal shock and sagging, the two most common problems in high-temperature processes. Rath’s product line includes dense refractories, insulating refractories, and fiber-based insulation. Applications include kiln linings, kiln cars, mortar-less Rath-Loc Kiln car construction, firing setters, and pusher plates.

Kiln Lining and Car Material

ALTRA® Blanket, Mat, and Modules

Mullite and Alumina fiber grades for applications up to 1650°C

KVS – Vacuum-Formed Boards and Shapes

Grades up to 1800°C, ACS Butcher Block and suspended roof designs for large kilns

PORRATH® Insulating Bricks and Shapes

Grades up to 1800°C and purities up to 99.5+% alumina

KORRATH® Dense Bricks and Shapes

High-Purity, dense 85 to 99.5+% alumina grades, available as bricks and plates

ACS Boards

Construction to 1800°C


  • Refractory Lining Engineering and Installation – done at customer site or Rath Incorporated facility
  • Kiln Car Design and Construction – at customer site or Rath Incorporated facility
  • Analysis - Heat Flow and Thermal Imaging
  • Conversion of traditional refractory kiln linings and cars to low mass designs
  • Shape fabrication by casting or machining

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Kiln Car Linings

RATHLOC® Mortar-Free Cars

  • Designs up to 1800°C
  • Tunnel, bell, elevator, or shuttle kilns
  • Designs for heavy loads
  • Lower Mass designs possible

Laboratory Furnace Linings

Partial or complete rebuilds at Rath's facility or in the field

KVS Boards to 1800°C
ACS Board Construction to 1800°C


PORRATH® Insulating Brick
KORRATH® Dense Brick
ALTRA® Mat and Modules
KVS – Vacuum-Formed Boards and Shapes
RATHLOC® Mortar-Free Cars