Metals / Heat Treating

Rath provides complete furnace design and materials for bright annealing, forging, and heat treatment furnaces.

Rath refractory lining solutions reduce maintenance, downtime, and costs, while improving energy efficiency.

KORRATH® High-Temperature Corundum Bricks

KORRATH® grades are corundum, tabular alumina, mullite, and zirconia-based with high-density, high-purity, low porosity, and good-to-excellent thermal shock resistance.

KORRATH® is available in standard brick sizes (straights, arches, and wedges), as well as custom plates and shapes.

PORRATH® High-Temperature Insulating Firebrick

PORRATH® high-temperature insulating firebricks are available in ASTM Group 26 through 34 classifications and are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and high-firing temperatures.

PORRATH® IFB feature low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, high-purity, low-iron oxide content, and good mechanical properties.

PORRATH® IFB exhibit excellent resistance to corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres.

PORRATH® is available in standard brick sizes (straights, arches, and wedges), as well as custom shapes.

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Forging - Batch Furnaces


ALTRA® 72 COMBI Modules

ALTRA® COMBI Modules are rated for applications up to 1600°C. The hot face fiber, ALTRA® 72, is far superior in resistance than 2300 or 2600 grade ceramic fiber to shrinkage caused by temperature and chemical attack. ALTRA® COMBI modules are also immune to thermal shock, a major cause of failure for castable or all-brick linings in reheat furnaces.

ALTRA® Burner Blocks


Carath Cast Blocks


ALTRA® Modules
Low Shot
Zero Shrinkage
Low Mass = Energy Savings
Resistant to Iron Scale Attack