Thermal Analytical Equipment

Rath is the leader in insulating Thermal Analytical Equipment from Gas Chromatographs to Pyrolyzers. Our engineers work with the OEM’s engineering and design groups to optimize the thermal characteristics while minimizing costs to reduce labor and improve production efficiency.

The Rath Newark plant has been designed to service and manufacture for the Thermal Analytical Equipment market. With the capabilities of Vacuum Forming, Die Stamping, CNC Machining, and Sewing, Rath is able to provide complete assemblies to individual parts.

Many of our assemblies involve all of our manufacturing cells. We sew kits from our die-stamped fabric and then assemble with vacuum-formed boards into sheet metal components to provide insulated doors, lids, and walls.

Along with state of the art machining and manufacturing capabilities, we also provide inventory management, just in-time delivery, and prototyping.

We can service the globe and beyond, as our insulating components are installed on the Rover “Curiosity” on Mars.

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