Furnace & Kiln Linings

Rath provides engineering, design, installation, and superior refractories for furnace and kiln linings. Many OEMs choose Rath to provide our technology exclusively in their kilns and furnaces. With engineering support in Austria, Germany and the United States, Rath services the globe.


Let our Rath Engineers design your lining or redesign your replacement lining. Rath linings provide superior energy efficiency, offer long life, and decrease maintenance costs. We provide linings for applications up to 1800°C in electric and gas-fired furnaces and kilns. From brick to fiber linings, flat roof, arch, bell, car bottom, or elevator, Rath will optimize your furnace to decrease maintenance outages and increase production time while decreasing energy costs.


For high-temperature kilns up to 1800°C, Rath provides vacuum-formed board to provide superior insulation and durability. To eliminate roof sagging and cracking, Rath designed the Altra Composite Systems (ACS) roofs in excess of 1600°C. For Kiln cars we can supply Mortar-Free RATHLOC®, which increases life and decreases maintenance.

Whatever your kiln and furnace parameters require, Rath will engineer a lining designed to take the heat.

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