Forging Reheat Furnace Linings

Rath has lined hundreds of Forging Reheat Furnaces, from Car Bottom to Rotary Hearth, for many of the major Forging Houses worldwide. The Rath design reduces maintenance downtime and operational costs while improving energy efficiency.


ALTRA® COMBI Modules are rated for application up to 1600°C. The hot face fiber, ALTRA® 72, is far superior in resistance than 2300 of 2600 grade ceramic fiber to shrinkage caused by temperature and chemical attack. ALTRA® COMBI Modules are immune to thermal shock, a major cause of failure of castable or all-brick linings in reheat furnaces. Rath also features our proprietary anchoring system that is able to withstand hammer mill vibration and severe abuse.


ALTRA® BURNER BLOCKS are rated for applications up to 1650°C. ALTRA BURNER BLOCKS are immune to thermal shock, eliminating the cracking, spalling, and disintegration common with castable or vacuum-formed burner blocks.


Large blocks directly cast on the cars improve the flatness of the car and reduce the number of joints. Joints in reheat cars are well known as a source of problems due to the accumulation of slag from the steel castings. CARATH castables are engineered for excellent thermal shock resistance and load-bearing capabilities.


ALTRA® COMBI Modules are used in sidewalls providing low-maintenance and minimal heat loss. In areas that may see contact with the castings, low-mass PORRATH® Insulating brick are used. These two products provide the best possible combination of durability and energy efficiency.

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