Engineering & Design

Whether you’re designing a new furnace, kiln, or thermal analytical equipment, Rath engineering can help you develop the most cost-effective and energy-efficient design for your project. Rath has engineering in Austria, Germany and the United States using the latest state-of-the-art thermal analysis design tools and engineering programs to select materials and optimize physical properties.

Rath will identify and solve high-temperature heat containment issues up to 1800°C. Our broad knowledge of industry applications, refractory materials, and creative approach to problem-solving allows us to offer heat containment solutions that are tailored to each customer's needs and budget. Our board applications experience and knowledge of insulation materials enable our engineers to provide the best technical and most cost-effective insulation solutions. Our trained installation team is available for in-house or customer-site installation. From prototype to retrofit, Rath is your engineering and design specialist.

To optimize your engineered solution, Rath uses a variety of specialty insulating materials in conjunction with Rath products. Whether it is intricate or unique insulating parts, thermal analytical laboratory equipment, or production sized furnaces and kilns, we can help you to minimize energy loss and improve the lifespan of your insulation

Engineering Design Services

Steady State Heat flow analysis

  • Oxidizing and reducing environments

Refractory Materials Consultation and Selection

Insulation Layout and Design

  • File transfer capable, dxf, dwg
  • CAD/CAM capabilities
  • AutoCAD® & SolidWorks®

Prototyping, Engineering, and Retrofit

  • On your site or at ours.

Installation & Maintenance Services

Turn Key Refractory Installation

Project Supervision

  • Insulation supervisors available internationally to manage your project

Trained Installers

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

  • Yearly inspection and repair
  • Thermal imaging and analysis

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Unique To Rath USA

ALTRA® ACS (ALTRA® Composite System)

  • Hanging roof system for lab furnaces 1600-1800°C
  • Butcher-loc composite side walls

ALTRA® Alumina Fiber Modules

  • Pre-engineered panels
  • 1600°C Capable designs
  • Combi-Modules 1300–1500°C

RATHLOC® Mortarless Kiln Cars

  • Easy to Assemble Lego-style bricks

Areas of Expertise