CNC Machining

Rath Incorporated offers state-of-the-art CNC machining of high-temperature insulation materials. With 5-axis and 3-axis capable machines and programmable milling machines, the possibilities are limitless as to what we can machine. Complex, multi-piece assemblies are also possible using adhesive bonding to achieve adequate thickness.

Materials for applications with use temperatures up to 1800°C are available with organic binder or pre-fired, organic-free. Special formulations are available for reducing atmospheres, molten metal contact, and other demanding applications.

Features & Capabilities

5-axis and 3-axis CNC Machines

  • Twin 48" x 96" tables
  • Dual Heads
  • 6" vertical

Programmable Milling Machines

Programming Support

  • SolidWorks®
  • AutoCAD®
  • MasterCAM®
  • Able to convert any file type

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Materials Machined

Ceramic Fiber Boards

  • Rath Keraform & Altraform KVS 12 to KVS 18 Boards

Structural Materials

Calcium Silicate Boards

  • Marinite
  • Microcal
  • Densities available up to 85 lbs/ft³

Microporous Insulating Silica

Microporous Insulating Alumina