ALTRA® Composite Systems

ALTRA® Composite Systems

Insulation Systems for 1,600ºC to 1,800ºC

The ALTRA® Composite System (ACS) is an engineered insulation system that eliminates the traditional problems of excessive shrinkage, stress cracking, and roof sagging that often cause failure of high-temperature ceramic fiberboard insulation in furnaces and kilns. The ACS design can be used in laboratory and industrial furnace applications at up to 1800°C continuous use temperatures. Due to its modular design, the ACS can be used to create an insulation system of virtually unlimited size. The ACS design allows for rapid thermal cycling and flat roof construction that is impossible with conventional brick furnace designs.


Composite Roof

Stack bonded KVS 174/400 or KVS 184/400 strips bonded to a high strength, sag resistant KVS 174/1000 Kerasetter. Board modules are usually supported by a ceramic hanger and rod system. Please refer to the Composite Roof data sheet for more information and schematics.

Butcher Loc Walls

Stack bonded KVS 174/400 or KVS 184/400 strips, machined with an interlocking tongue in groove system. Butcher Loc walls can be made up to 40" high without internal support rods.


Stack Bonded KVS 174/400 or KVS 184/400 through the entire thickness, with fiber orientation perpendicular to the hot face. Please call for more information.


Hot face of KVS 174/400 or KVS 184/400 with back-up layers of KVS 164 and KVS 144. Rath can design the floor of the kiln to contain kiln supports or use higher density boards to help support loads. Please call for more information.


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