Newark, Delaware, February 3, 2015 – Rath Incorporated is proud to introduce Silrath AK60SiC refractory brick anchors. This premium Andalusite / Silicon Carbide anchor is well suited to support monolithic linings in a variety of critical applications.

Silrath AK60SiC has very low open porosity and the chemistry is ideal for

reducing conditions. It is designed to be highly resistant to alkali attack, thermal shock, and abrasion. Silrath AK60SiC brick anchors also offer similar thermal expansion with monolithic linings resulting in increased service life of the lining.

Silrath AK60SiC brick anchors are designed for high alkali environments such as cement coolers, calciners, and preheat cyclones. It has superior performance when exposed to other harsh environments such as zinc recovery settling chambers, aluminum furnaces, reheat furnaces, and rotary kilns. Rath Silrath AK60SiC refractory brick anchors provide exceptional results in high alkali and harsh furnace environments.

Rath Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rath Group based in Vienna, Austria with US operations in Newark, Delaware and Milledgeville, Georgia. Rath provides insulating materials for a wide range of thermal processing including advanced ceramics, steel, aluminum, petro-chemical, non-ferrous, glass and analytical equipment. Rath specializes in high temperature heat containment, thermal processing, and thermal measurement needs of a demanding technological customer base providing ceramic fiber, ceramic insulation, and refractories for temperature up to 1850°C.

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