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Porrath High Temperature Insulating Firebrick


Porrath high temperature insulating firebricks are available in ASTM Group 26 through 34 classifications and are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and high firing temperatures. Porrath IFB feature low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, high purity, low iron oxide content and good mechanical properties. Porrath IFB exhibit excellent resistance to corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres. Porrath is available in standard brick sizes (straights, arches and wedges) as well as custom shapes.



The above data is determined from typical production data on the standard size brick. 
The data is subject to normal deviation and cannot be used for specific purposes.


Porrath 33-13/2
Mullite Bonded Bubble Alumina

Porrath 33-13/2 is a high strength mullite bonded fine grain bubble alumina with a maximum use temperature of 3,272°F(1,800°C). PORRATH® 33-13/2 features include good thermal shock resistance and high temperature strength.



Recommended Applications for Porrath 33-13/2

Porrath 33-13/2 is available in brick, block and shapes in many standard and custom sizes.


Porrath 34-15
Fused Bubble Alumina

Porrath 34-15 is a high purity, high strength alumina bonded bubble alumina with a maximum use temperature of 3,350°F(1,840°C). Porrath 34-15 is very low in impurities that will cause discoloration and out-gassing, so the grade is recommended for use in very dry hydrogen atmospheres and corrosive environments.



Recommended Applications for Porrath 34-15

Porrath 34-15 is available in brick, block and shapes in many standard and custom sizes.


Interlocking Kiln Car Bricks

Mortar Free

Rath Incorporated manufactures dimpled insulating bricks that can be used to construct kiln cars for firing applications up to 3300°F. The bricks are made in 13 standard sizes up to 13 ½ x 4 ½ x 4", including 2 flat top designs. Custom sizes can be fabricated as well. The bricks can be used alone or in combination with fiberboard or blankets to create low mass kiln cars with excellent thermal shock resistance. Typical applications include kiln cars for the firing of sanitary-ware, electronic ceramics and technical ceramics. Advantages include ease of assembly and maintenance and improved thermal shock resistance versus mortared kiln cars.


Example of Standard Brick:


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