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We know how to handle high temperature applications

Welcome to Rath USA...

Rath USA, comprised of Rath Incorporated and Rath Refractories, specializes in high temperature heat containment, thermal processing, and thermal measurement needs of our customers. We insulate OEM and end user, process and laboratory kilns and furnaces, thermal analytical instruments, and specialty applications. From large to small, Rath USA specializes in insulation for high temperature environments (between 1200° and 1850°C).

Using a personal, interactive approach, we examine the needs and technical requirements of our customers. Then, using our insight and knowledge, we engineer and design the best solutions for our customer's specific requirements.

Whether you are interested in purchasing our high alumina, ceramic fiber products or bricks in standard forms, or if you have a unique situation that requires assistance in determining and producing the insulation that is right for you, contact Rath USA for your thermal containment, processing, and measurement needs.